A Women’s Workshop For Men

A Workshop for Male Teachers on Women’s Needs in Movement Practices

Atelier pour hommes concernant les besoins des femmes dans les pratiques de mouvement

* Atelier donné en anglais, traductions disponibles sur demande.

Although the majority of yoga classes are filled with females, more than half of yoga teachers are male.

This workshop is to help male teachers learn about the unique needs of their female students during their practice and the differences they will require throughout the many stages of their female life.

The basis will be derived from principles of Yoga and Ayurveda however they can be applied to all other internal art practices and any physical movement modality.

This workshop is open to any and all MALE teachers who teach women. Men from any yoga style, dance or martial arts, sports coaches, personal trainers, any body therapists or movement instructors.

A woman’s daily routine and her yoga practice should adapt every month, as well as during her ongoing years, to her many changing cycles of transformation. Through menstruation, pregnancy and menopause each woman can alter her practice to suit that period of time. Respecting these fluctuations can greatly help ease her way into the later years of her life.

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