Massage Therapy

Professional massage services in Montreal or Wentworth, Quebec.

Insurance receipts available.

Gift certificates available.

To book your appointment email or call 514-813-2660 (also on WhatsApp)


The massage is performed on a table. No oils or creams are used. Both client and practitioner are fully clothed.

Each massage is adapted to the individual’s needs and capacities and is suitable for mostly everybody regardless of their physical fitness level. It can be performed in a gentle relaxing manner and/or can apply strong muscular treatment. It adapts itself to all and respects the limits of each individual regardless of age or flexibility. The technique acts as both preventive and therapeutic.

How to Prepare

• The massage is performed fully clothed.  Please dress appropriately in long pants and long sleeves (short sleeves permitted in summer). Wear non-slippery, stretchy, comfortable clothing that allows for movement.

• Come with clean feet and body.

• Refrain from using any scents, perfumes or hair products.

• Leave a minimum of 2 hours after eating.

• Women – avoid getting massaged on the first 3 days of menstruation. Pregnant women not accepted.

Please arrive 5 minutes before your first appointment time to complete a health questionnaire in order to inform of any current or prior injuries, or limitations to be respected.

To book your appointment email or call 514-813-2660 (also on WhatsApp)



*First time appointments must be paid in advance upon booking.
Private home address in Wentworth will be sent once payment has been received.

First time 90 minutes – 93.93 + 4.70 (GST 5%) + 9.37 (QST 9.975%) = $108

In Montreal – $120 as of September 1, 2024

Follow ups 90 minutes – 82.63 + 4.13 (GST 5%) + 8.24 (QST 9.975%) = $95

In Montreal – $108 as of September 1, 2024 


Craniosacral Therapy Session (what is it?) :

60 minutes – 65.23 + 3.26 (GST 5%) + 6.51 (QST 9.975%) = $75

In Montreal – $90 as of September 1, 2024

*until July 15, 2024 enjoy the special price of $50/hr 


option for Wentworth Residents over 75 :

30 minutes – 34.79 + 1.74 (GST 5%) + 3.47 (QST 9.975%) = $40 ($50 as of September 1, 2024) 

Insurance receipts available.
Gift certificates available.

(pay by cash, cheque or e-transfer)


Cancellation Policy

• A fee of 50% of your massage price applies for missed appointments and cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the appointment.

• If you do not call to cancel your appointment or do not show up for your scheduled appointment, you will be charged full price for the scheduled service.

Massage Policies

• Payments are accepted in Canadian currency by cash, cheque or advance e-transfer.

• Any cheque payment returned as insufficient funds is subject to a $20 penalty fee. The fee and remaining balance can be paid with cash only.


DISCLAIMER: The purpose of massage is for relaxation and not meant to diagnose or treat any illness, disease or any other physical or mental disorder, injury or condition. If you have a specific medical condition or symptom, receiving or performing massage may be contraindicated or require modification. A referral from your primary care provider may be requested prior to receiving and/or performing massage. Hatha Yoga Shala will not be held liable for any injury or condition that arises from the application of massage.


Rhonda Fogel has been offering massage since 2010. She has her intermediate certification and has completed 4 levels of Thai yoga massage courses with Lotus Palm in Montreal. She studied Tuina massage with Ethan Murchie and was the administrator of the clinic at The Montreal Gongfu Research Center from 2011 – 2018. Rhonda has also completed two levels of Craniosacral Therapy with Christy Young in Cobourg, Ontario in 2023 and 2024.

She is a registered massage therapist with AQTN (Alliance Québécoise des Thérapeutes Naturels).







To book your appointment email or call 514-813-2660 (also on WhatsApp)