The Art of Home Practice – Online Workshop

Overcome the difficulties of practicing on your own! Gain inspiration from others who have similar interests.

This will be an open forum to ask any questions you may have arising with your personal practices. Information offered will be based on your individual inquiries. Appropriate topics may be; difficulties you are faced with concerning specific postures or movements, obstacles that arise that keep you from succeeding in maintaining a personal practice, blockages you face in your mind or body, how to proceed on your own, or anything you wish to share publicly to help both you and others. Keep in mind we can all benefit and learn from any question no matter how simple or complex.

All questions will be welcomed in writing in advance and will be consolidated according to subject matter. The session will be recorded and available for one week if you are not able to be present during the scheduled live session.

Open to all levels of yoga practitioners


L’art de cultiver une pratique personnelle

* Atelier donné en anglais mais les questions en français sont bienvenus.

Ouvert aux pratiquants de yoga à tous les niveaux


(français à suivre)

Cultivating a Personal Home Yoga Practice Workshop

What motivates you to practice? Do you want more out of your yoga practice beyond occasionally taking a class? What stops you from doing what you want to do? What do you do instead of doing what you want to do?

This workshop is for those who are, or who desire to be, independently driven towards self improvement. It is for those yoga students who despite their numerous attempts or heartfelt wishes of taking their practice to new levels just can’t seem to do it. You will be given several tips on what is required to slowly develop a personal home yoga practice. You will be surprised how simple it could be!

Open to All. 


L’art de cultiver une pratique personnelle

Que sont vos motifs à pratiquer? Qu’est ce que vous cherchez dans une pratique à domicile? Combien de temps avez vous à consacrer à votre pratique? Qu’est ce que vous empêche de faire ce que vous voulez faire? Qu’est ce que vous faites au lieu de faire ce que vous voulez faire? Êtes vous prêts à remplacer ou changer certaines choses pour permettre le yoga d’être une partie de votre vie? Voici quelques questions nous poserons dans cet atelier pour developper une pratique personnelle à domicile.

*donné en anglais et français, un document distribuer en français.

Ouvert à tous.