Uddiyana Bandha Workshop

Uddiyana Bandha is one of hatha yoga’s main techniques. It takes years of cultivation and it can be difficult to master it’s subtleties. It organizes the body’s center, stimulates digestive fire, tones the internal organs, integrates the limbs, brings firmness to joints, activates the other bandhas and helps push vayu into the posterior channel.

‘The great bird (breath), by this process, is instantly forced up into the susumna and flies constantly therein only. Of all bandhas, this the best. The complete practice of this makes emancipation easy.’ Gheranda Samhita.

Contraindications: Uddiyana Bandha is NOT practiced when one suffers from abdominal or intestinal diseases, high or low blood pressure, eye disease, heart problems, general weakness, obesity or while women are pregnant or menstruating.

Pre-requisites: minimum of 2 years yoga practice in any style. Participants must be in good health and come on a completely empty stomach. Eat lightly the night before.


7:00 – 9:00am