The Philosophy of Hatha Yoga Workshop

Saturday, February 15, 2020
1:00 – 2:30pm
Atelier de la Philosophie de Hatha Yoga
*Atelier donné en anglais, traductions disponibles sur demande.

SriNivasaYogi in his yoga text Hatharatnavali states that without the practice of Hatha yoga, Raja yoga cannot be accomplished and without Raja yoga as an objective, Hatha yoga cannot be perfected.

Hatha yoga, ‘the forceful yoga’, is a 6 fold system (shadanga yoga) aimed at arriving at a spontaneous cessation of breath leading the practitioner towards the more advanced stages of Raja Yoga. Raja yoga is a synonym for Samadhi, which is said to be the highest state of attainment in Yoga.

Today’s popular practice of Hatha Yoga has been derived from ancient literature based on specific philosophy. The texts outline methodical techniques to lead the aspirant towards the goal of liberation.

One must have some theoretical knowledge to support the all important practical application. This workshop will introduce principles based on several Hatha texts in order to enrich the students’ practice with essential theoretical information for the path that they are on.